The Ladin culture in Val Badia

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The language spoken in Val Badia is Ladin. It is a Roman language that currently has no more than 45,000 speakers worldwide. As the most ancient language of the Dolomites, Ladin gives visitors the opportunity to discover a unique culture that has its own distinctive traditions and flair. Set off on an adventurous journey!

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For those interested in Ladin culture, we recommend visiting the Museum Ladin in San Martino in Badia. There, you will acquire insights into the history of the Ladin language, Ladin traditions and handcrafts of the Ladin people.

If you are rather looking for something more scientific, visit the museum Ursus Ladinicus in San Cassiano, where you can learn about the prehistoric bear cave and the geological development of the Dolomites.

Another worthwhile destination is the Open-Air Museum, Val di Murins, in Longiaru. There, you can learn about the old, and once vital, watermills used by the Ladin population.

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