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Breakfast basket

Farming, past and present, involves hard work and a lot of effort. However, if it is done with love and joy, one is rewarded with satisfaction and unforgettable experiences.

Converting our facility to an organic farm was a conscious decision, as we wanted to improve the well being of our animals and increase the quality of our products. Commitment always bears fruits: enjoy fresh and homemade cheese, butter, yogurt, honey, bacon, ricotta and other products! Place your order in the evening and you’ll find a lovingly prepared breakfast basket in front of your apartment door the following morning. Additionally, we’ll supply you with fresh bread from the village bakery.

BreakfastFarm products

Farm products

Balanced nutrition is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. We also strongly believe in the importance of animal welfare and high quality products. That is why we invest a lot of time into our homemade delicacies. We personally and carefully process our raw materials to maintain the quality of our ingredients.

Our products are wonderfully aromatic and tasty. They can be savoured directly on the farm or they make original and unique souvenirs that reflect the local culture and cuisine.

We also offer our products for sale in our farm shop. Please let us know if you would like to visit our farm shop. 

Our attention to detail and passion for farming guarantee our products are special.

Cun lezitënza y gran pasciun dunse vita a nüsc produc!
Speck plateFarm products

Fresh milk
Each day, our cows supply us with organic milk that energises our guests at the start of each day.

Producing cheese demands a lot of time. Our organic milk is carefully processed to create a refined and aromatic cheese that matures for three to five months.

Butter is one of the most versatile cooking ingredients. Its light, golden-white colour reminds one of the blooming meadows and fresh grass where the cows graze. Our butter is aromatic and has a unique flavour.

Yogurt is rich in calcium, proteins and minerals. As a homemade product, it is absolutely fresh, organic and of the highest quality. It is perfect for a lively start to the morning or as a refreshing accent to spicy dishes.

Whether enjoyed as an occasional little snack or as a savoury ingredient in regional dishes, speck is an absolute must in South Tyrolean kitchens. Flavoured, cured and seasoned in a smoking cellar, our speck has an intense, special taste.

Our happy hens spend their whole day in the fresh air, with natural food sources and plenty of room to move. Each hen donates one egg a day: an incomparable source of protein that is essential for muscles and bones. Appreciate the value of these eggs and respect our animals!

Honey is often called “the food of the gods” for good reason! Its golden colour and distinctive sweetness make it a pure delicacy. Only by attentively watching the bees work does one realize the value of every single drop of honey. The “Qualitätssiegel Südtirol” (a quality seal) guarantees the excellence of our honey: without additives and produced locally. It is an ideal sweet treat that will kick-start your day.

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