Organic farm adventure in South Tyrol

Old MacDonald had a farm

Our animals

A good farmer must do more than successfully manage the farm. A good farmer lives for and identifies with nature and animals. Our great passion and affection lead us to not only have working animals like cows, hens, pigs and bees on our farm, but also a lot of other animals including goats, donkeys, rabbits and cats. Last but not least, you’ll find our precious dog Benno! They all contribute to our happiness, solely through their presence!

Your little ones can watch the animals being fed or, under parental supervision, help out and stroke the animals. At 05:00 p.m. the cows are fed and milked in the barn. You are very welcome to come along and help out. Just let us know or simply come and visit us in the barn.

Savëi che al é ince vëi nes fej cuntënc!
Dog and catGoat

Relax al maso

Our farm offers pure relaxation for young and old alike. Dive into nature’s realm and discover all its facets. Each season is characterized by a myriad of colours, beguiling smells and delicious flavours. Take a walk through the surrounding forest and listen to the chirping of the birds and the sound of your footsteps. Discover the scent of damp moss. Lay down with your favourite book and feel the warm sun on your skin. Inhale the freshness: grass, flowers and hay. Be enchanted by the incredible view and listen to the animals as they graze.

Be surprised by winter, when the romantic landscape rests under a soft snow cover. Enjoy the tranquillity.

Children and adults can have fun in our garden that is equipped with trampoline, table tennis, slide, swing and sandbox. In the company of our animals, you’ll discover a new world that is often unknown to children and has been forgotten by adults. Discover the beauty and richness of nature.

We feel very strongly about allowing our guests to experience traditional, rural life.

Amirede la belëza y la richëza dla natöra!
Dog and duck
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